Hard Drive Recovery

Hard Drive Crashed? Lost Your Data? We Can Help.

Crashed and Damaged Hard Drive and Media Data Recovery

Your data is restored quickly and returned to you fast. Rush service available.

Diagnostic fee on any media must be included with your drive and Submission Form upon initial submission. Diagnostic fee can be applied towards final recovery cost.

Download the Media Submission Form Here in pdf format.

Data Recovery Diagnostic Engineering Rates

Zip 100, 250, 750 Cartridge

5.25" SyQuest Cartridge

Hard Drive, up to - 6 TB

Optical Media, CD, DVD, Blu-Ray

Camera Memory, Smart Media, Compact Flash, Memory Stick






Pricing for actual data recovery depends on the type of drive, damage, amount of available data, type of replacement drive or CD. In order to give you an exact quote, we must perform a diagnostic on your drive first.

print To print out the Data Recovery submission form, click here.

Follow these instructions to insure fast turnaround of your data recovery job.
  1. Fill out a media Submission Form.
  2. Hard Drives - Download the Submission Form Here in a pdf file. You can use the free Adobe Acrobat reader to fill out the form.
  3. CD/DVD Media and Flash Memory, use the Form Here.
  4. Drive or Media must be submitted along with Submission Form and Diagnostic fee.
  5. Package Drive or Media, Submission Form, Diagnostic fee, in an anti-static bag within a padded box and ship UPS, FedEx, or USPS to us. Shipping information is listed on the Drive Submission Form.
  6. After we receive your drive/media, we will perform an Engineering Diagnostic Analysis and then contact you and let you know what can be recovered off of your drive and additional cost, if any.
  7. After your approval, the data will be recovered and mastered onto a DVD, external USB Hard Drive, or other media that you may request.
  8. The original drive and recovered data is then returned to you fast via UPS, FedEx, or USPS. The whole process takes only several days subject to delays in shipping.
  9. Priority Service is available for rush and emergency jobs. Call for current turnaround schedule.
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Data Rescued from Old Disks and Media

Data Transfer, Copy, Conversions and Recovery On Many Types of Media and Format

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Transfer Files From Old Disks

Transfer files and data from old floppy disks, zip drives, SyQuest cartridges, Jaz drives and more.

Data Recovery for Damaged and Crashed Drives

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